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Homemade food made in the UK, 
Alezzolli offers you 95% organic and 100% gluten free products
Brazilian Cheese Bread
Cheese Bread it's a typical recipe from Brazil, very popular since 1950.

The Cheese Bread produced in Alezzolli respects the traditional recipe and is 100% gluten-free, but it retains the same delicious flavor. Our cheese bread is handcrafted. 

You can eat easily whenever you want, at any me of the day - breakfast, lunch, dinner or even with your tea. Simple or to accompany your meal, just put in the oven between 25 to 30 minutes.

Brazilian Cheese Bread

Simple or to accompany your meal, just put in the oven between 25 to 30 minutes.

Brazilian Chicken Croquette

In a large pan, heat the oil and carefully place each coxinha, fry un l golden brown for about 4 minutes.

Brazilian Chicken Croquette
Fried, chicken croquettes, a popular snack in Brazil

Coxinha is a Brazilian salty recipe and has its origin in century XIX in the state of São Paulo. Made with potato, the coxinha is tradionally stuffed with chicken meat cooked and shredded and seasoned with garlic, onion, olive oil, parsley, Himalayan salt, basil, black pepper and paprika.

Alezzolli's recipe was created with organic ingredients, with the best quality possible. This product is gluten-free and can be eaten anytime of the day. Crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside it works great at pares and everyone seems to enjoy it.

Brazilian Cheese Ball
Small, baked, cheese bread, a popular snack and breakfast in Brazil 

The Cheese ball it's another salty recipe very popular in Brazil, being found in pares, bars and snack bars. The version of Alezzolli's Cheese Ball is completely gluten-free and contains no wheat. You can eat it simple or as a main meal, served with accompaniments and anyone from 8 to 80 love it. 

At Alezzolli we use only the best ingredients from our suppliers we trust, a quality that you can savor when you taste our products. Keep it in the freezer and you will immediately have a comfortable meal to eat at any me of the day.

Brazilian Cheese Ball

Simply remove from the freezer and fry in hot oil for 4 minutes or un l golden.

Meat filled Potato Ball

Heat up the oil to 175°C (350°F), then carefully fry until l golden, approximately 3 minutes.

Meat filled Potato Ball
Every recipe is popular and traditional from Brazil

We add the special touch of organic and gluten-free products, so you can eat the best of Brazil without worrying about the ingredients and their quality. 

We only use ingredients from trusted suppliers and you can taste it when you taste one of the stuffed potato dumplings.

It's a delicious option to serve at pares or to have lunch or dinner. It can be consumed simple or with accompaniment like sautéed vegetables, rice or pasta.

Dulche de Leche
Our Dulche de Leche is made with organic Milk and organic sugar

The combination of our recipe and these two simple ingredients will make feel that you've travel to Brazil. In Alezzolli we keep the traditional recipe but with our twist and all organic. Handmade in UK, we make sure to use only the best ingredients, using only suppliers that we trust and that have the most quality in their products. 

Once open, you have 6 weeks to consume it but we don't think that our Dulce de Leche would stay in your freezer for too long. It's too good not to empty the jar. A comfort food that you can use in everything, your imagination is key.

Dulche de Leche

Sweet, flexible and fulfilling, you can eat it plain or you can add it as a topping for your cakes, ice creams or pancakes.

Dulche de Leche with Coconut

We suggest that aer open keep refrigerated and consumed it within 6 weeks.

Dulce de Leche with Coconut
We added Coconut to our Dulce de Leche

We've added organic Milk, organic sugar and organic coconut and we've made our Dulce de Leche with Coconut. If our plain recipe will make you travel to Brazil, with the coconut you can feel like you're across the beach having a treat

In Alezzolli, everything is handmade and with the very best ingredients. To make all of our products, we only use organic ingredients from our trusted suppliers. Qualityis part ofourbrand.

Add it to your morning pancakes, your bread at lunch or simply eat it plain. You can also serve it as a dessert in a party - just add some fresh coconut in the top and that's it!

Pumpkin Squash Preserve
Pumpkin preserve is ready to eat at anytime of the day

Made with organic pumpkin, organic sugar and fresh coconut, our pumpkin preserve is ready to eat at anytime of the day.

With a sweet taste and a so texture you can eat it with toast, bread or with our fresh cheese and you'll become addicted. You can even add to your cakes oruse to stuffcupcakes.

Our products can be eaten simple or you can use them in various recipes, you just need to be creative. 

Pumpkin Squash Preserve

Once opened keep in the refrigerator and consume within 6 weeks.

Organic Fresh Cheese

Combine with our Pumpkin Jam and have a burst of flavors in yourmouth.

Organic Fresh Cheese
Delight yourself with our Fresh Cheese, 100% organic

Using only the finest ingredients our Organic Fresh Cheese is ready for you to eat anytime of the day. Our fresh cheese does not contain preservatives so it should be consumed within 3 weeks. The Cheese is full of nutrients and is very versatile.  With a large role in Brazilian cuisine, it is an ingredient that can be used in any meal.

It can be a complement to pasta or savory dishes, or as the star of a dinner. For breakfast, add to your toast. Serve as an entree with some bread or like the French, as dessert with various fruits and wine. 

Fresh Cheese
Handmade by Alezzolli, our Fresh Cheese is delicious

Alezzolli uses only the best ingredients in its recipes. With no preservatives added our Fresh Cheese is ready for you to eat at anytime of the day and should be consumed within 3 weeks. 

Very versale and full of nutrients, cheese plays a very important role in Brazilian cuisine and can be used in any meal. Use as a complement to pasta dishes or make it the star of your dinner. For breakfast, add to your toasts or serve as an entree with bread or like the French, use it as a dessert accompanied by various fruits and wine. 

Fresh Cheese

Combine with our Pumpkin Jam and have a burst of flavors in your mouth.