What’s is gluten?

You’ve must heard a lot of talk about gluten in the past years. So, do you know what gluten is? Well, gluten is a major protein found in all form of wheat. Being in wheat, you can find gluten in pasta, cereal or bread, or in most unlikely products like soy sauce, whisky, beer or even in some toothpaste brands.

This increasing number of people intolerant to gluten have shared their difficulty in founding some everyday foods gluten free. Some of these intolerance symptoms consist on constipation, bloat, fatigue, headaches or even nausea, among others. For instance, did you now that people with celiac disease have an immune reaction that is trigged by eating gluten?

Eating outside your house can be quite difficult if you are gluten intolerant so at Alezzolli we designed and tested our recipes without gluten, to give everyone the best of experience while trying these traditional recipes gluten free. Using only quality ingredients and the most trustworthy suppliers, our gluten free products contain really zero gluten. We’ve take all the measures to assure this to our customers and we take pride in our process.

So here at Alezzolli being gluten free is really easy. You can try our cheese bread, our chicken croquette, our cheese ball or our meat filled potato balls with any fear on ingesting gluten. With all the Brazilian flavor, you can simply have them in your freezer and have them at any time. Have the best Brazilian food experience with Alezzolli range of gluten free products!